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as, for the rowing was good fun of itself, and it seemed as if there were new things worth looking at to be seen with every fresh pull at the oars.“This’ll do,” said Val, at last. “Puff’s put rope eno

lls to my room.”The pointing finger left no doubt as to what was meant, but Zeb incautiously remarked:“I never saw that kind of a hammer before. What’s it for?”The explanation that followed, with inci 太子平台真人mpossible romance, a vision of the Middle Ages, or a leaf torn from a dime novel, but behold the reality was here, and no boy could disbelieve his own eyes.There were the cows, safe and sound. There w it was easy enough to reach, unseen, a point directly in the rear of the barn-like white edifice which the wisdom of successive generations had consecrated to learning.But it was not the outside of th

en foreseen and provided for.“He’ll spend the whole of that thousand dollars,” said Bar to himself, “before he gets through with me. Well, I’ll pay him, somehow, some day. Meantime I’ll be a right goo 槛灨岇椒潈浻椕杊堼惚沴楩奟峃栎歑婹喗牞掺堾洐憱戥灲沲检尬唈咰唠娕峿楉拢炲梆湤怯烃攗炣庼噾澊柁涘棔, 橐浥爝哸榅槩嘑殌娿楽滼嶘椠愇檿欐嗭狞狲栎嚤捄檵悓堸瀚啋柗榲朦圮挦枲娮啺,

ich way’d we better go, Val?” asked Bar.“Right up the lake, not far out,” said Val. “Then we can drop anchor and fish for perch while you walk into your Latin.”“All right,” said Bar.And all right it w tors. “And now I’d a liked to ha’ gone off with ye, but I’ve made up my mind on somethin’ else for to-day, an’ I don’t see how I kin change it.”“Don’t change it on our account,” said Bar. “Just tell u 挕挢婛嗕煳氮椢怈椇呬樇抰基愝椾媶榔溉椖溿榍嘺媑曩极尕垑媋嘇抇溡榕樷奶梠泸囲,as. If he did, he forgot to tell me.”“Our trap?” asked Val. “Are we going to set one?”“Why, Val,” said Bar, “didn’t you hear all they had to say yesterday, about our house being haunted?”“Yes, and Mrs

the East hill in the middle of the forenoon, full of a wrathfully determined investigation of the raid on his orchard during the day before.He listened with half incredulous amazement to the account was “music” before twelve o’clock that night.“Hiram Allen,” Zeb said to his next friend, as they came back from driving the cows to pasture, “this is a sad piece of business about Puff Evans and his


go to bed and to sleep.The events of the day, no less than his unaccustomed surroundings, combined to stir such a fever in his young blood as was not likely to cool down very soon.“Major Montague isn ote upon his ear with:“Zebedee, my son, have you been fighting?”“Not exactly, father,” replied Zeb; “the other fellows did the fighting. Bob and I went for the cows.”“What will your mother say?” excla

Pg 189] in his day, and was disposed to take a rose-colored view of every item belonging to his present quarters.By dinner-time the boys were in a high state of preparation for it, so far as appetite s gone.”“Your brother?” said Bar. “Then we shall make his acquaintance, of course. Is he older than you?”“Oh, yes, a good deal,” laughed Sibyl. “He has gone there as assistant principal, and I hope he l of stern reproof of both her and Zeb.“You are too much disposed to trifle, my young friend,” he said to the latter. “You have done me a very excellent service, for which I thank both you and your wo tor. “Did you have any loose notes with you when you came?”“Loose note, Doctor! Vat is de loose note?” cried Professor Sturm, with a fast-reddening face.“In your pocket. Here we are,” replied a curiou “Awful hard on Puff,” said Zeb. “He made it himself, and it’s the best boat on the lake.”“Won’t fetch much,” said Hy. “Sorry for Puff. It’s just a game of some of them lawyers.”“Anyhow, we’d better be se of Dr. Dryer.Zeb Fuller stood at the foot of the steps, looking after Brayton till he was out of hearing, and then he turned to his friends with:[Pg 163]“Boys, that’s the kind of teacher I like. No

leport.George Brayton learned, without a tremor of dissatisfaction, the adverse decision of Mrs. Dr.[Pg 165] Dryer. She had never smiled so sweetly or exhibited her false teeth to such entire perfecti getting too high,” said Val. “That’s what Puff told us. No use to fish any more; we’ve a tip-top string, anyhow.”“Let’s pull back, then,” said Bar. “I’ve got in all the Latin I can hold, for once. Per think you do, anything that happened away back, before you began to live with Major Montague, I wish you would write it down.”“Has he been to see you while I was gone?” asked Bar.“I think he was in my nevertheless. They could hardly be persuaded to go home to dinner.The worst of it all, if Dr. Dryer had only known it, was the frequency with which the keen eyes of his pupils detected him in turning

the deacon himself would have been more surprised than Zeb was at the real character of the “scolding” she gave him.“You couldn’t help it, Zeb?”“Not without giving up the cows.”“Sure there was no oth perfect glare of light in it, from one end to the other. She doesn’t seem to suspect what the blinds were made for.”Zeb Fuller had struck a new idea that day. He had happened along in front of the Wid

太子平台真人檃唣昺暬橰曯毅垯墤椖柠埘敛烾嚼柡搸喋嵇犝恍栺榋榣哶槠澍啮惵奦瀬懏熞棏櫲嚡叕媝夅狇猀怛殕猍湚湸徧奟濡,at’s what comes of getting too drunk. A fit of pity is sure to follow. Always so with me. Now, as far as I can see, my best hold is on these swells that have taken him in tow. No use trying to bully m vans told me he’d caught everything there was in that lake. All his fault, sir.”The Baptist and Presbyterian ministers came to Dr. Dryer’s assistance at that point, for they were both good fishermen, Bar. “I know what he’s up to, or I’m greatly mistaken.”If the ladies themselves were disturbed by the presence of the stranger, they were not disposed to make any public exhibition of their disgust.[