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考试日期: 2014年1月



第一部分:英语知识运用(共两节, 满分65分)



1. —I was riding along the street and all of a sudden, a car cutin and knocked me down.

—You can’t be _____ careful in the street.

A.muchB.veryC.soD. too

2. The train _____ arrive at 11:30, but it was an hour late.

A. was abouttoB. was likelytoC. was supposedtoD. was certain to

3. Swimming is my favorite sport. There is _____ like swimmingas a means of keeping fit.

A.somethingB.anythingC.nothingD. everything

4. He missed _____ gold in the high jump, but will get _____second chance in the long jump.

A. the;theB. ;aC. the;aD. a;

5.— What a pity! I missed the last concert of the year.

— Oh, not at all. It was so terrible. Infact, I would rather I _____ there.

A. hadn’tbeenB. wasnotC. haven’tbeenD. am not

6. — You have forgotten to turn off the light.

— Oh, sorry. I _____ turnit off now.

A. am goingtoB. amtoC.willD. should

7. My doctor advises me to reduce the amount of the sugar _____to the milk I drink.

A.addB. toaddC.addingD. added

8. When I was young, I _____ in a faraway village for severalyears, which is unforgettable.

A.livedB. havelivedC. waslivedD. had lived

9. —Is this the first time you _____ Jinan?

—No. But the first time I _____ here, thecity wasn’t so beautiful.

A. visited; cameB.visited; havecome

C. have visited; havecomeD. have visited; came

10. —I'm tired. I'm taking next week off.

—________, honey. You doneed a break.

A.Not so sure B.Forgetit

C.Great ideaD.No way

11. _____ the city center, we saw a stone statue (雕像) of about10 meters in height.

A.ApproachingB.ApproachedC. ToapproachD. To be approached

12. —It’s a long time _____ I last saw you.

—Yes, and it will be twomonths _____ we can meet again.

A. before;sinceB. when;beforeC. since;whenD. since; before

13. I like this jacket better than that one, but it costs almostthree times _____.

A. asmuchB. asmanyC. somuchD. so many

14. There are two buildings, _____ stands nearly a hundred feethigh.

A. thelargerB. the larger ofthem

C. the larger ofwhichD. the larger one that

15. In the last few years, thousands of films _____ all over theworld.

A. haveproducedB. have beenproducedC. areproducingD. are being produced

16. Equipped with modern _____, today’s hospitals are quitedifferent from _____ of the past.

A. facility;thatB. facilities;thoseC. equipments;thoseD. instrument; ones

17. — What a beautiful day!

— Yes, it’s _____ that I’dlike to take a walk.

A. such niceweatherB. so nice weather

C. such a niceweatherD. so a nice weather

18. After recovering from his illness, he was advised to _____gardening as a hobby.

A. takeupB. takeoffC. takedownD. take away

19. The house ______ Mr. Green’s family for 50 years will bepulled down next week.

A. belongedtoB. belongingtoC. to belongtoD. belongs to

20. —I'm sorry I made a mistake!

—________. Nobody is perfect.

A. Take yourtime B. You'reright

C. Whatever yousayD. Take it easy

21. _____ ways to praise your children often, and you will findthey will open their hearts to you.

A.FindingB. TofindC.FindD. Found

22. John’s success has nothing to do with good luck. It is yearsof hard work _____ has made him what he is today.

A.whyB.whenC.whichD. that

23. So sudden _____ that he enemy had no time to escape.

A. did theattackB. the attackdidC. was theattackD. the attack was

24. At the meeting place of the Yangtze River and the JialingRiver _____, one of the ten largest cities in China.

A. liesChongqingB. Chongqinglies

C. does lieChongqingD. does Chongqing lie

25. — What a mistake!

— Yes. I _____ his doing itanother way, but without success.

A. wassuggestingB. willsuggestC. wouldsuggestD. had suggested

26. _____ with other similar English books, New Concept Englishis more popular among teachers and students.

A.ComparingB.CompareC.ComparedD. To compare

27. This kind of dance show is very _____ on TV and is popularwith _____ young people, especially with high school students.

A. common;usualB. usual; ordinaryC. common;ordinaryD. ordinary; usual

28. It was foolish of him to _____ his notes during thatimportant test, and of course he got punished.

A. refertoB. takeoffC. getonD. put on

29. Your body will _____ sooner or later if you keep workinglike this.

A. breakupB. breakdownC. breakintoD. break out

30. Teenage students who are _____ computer games usually wouldnot focus on studies.

A. anxiousaboutB. particularaboutC. addictedtoD. bored with

31. The firemen broke down the walls to gain quick _____ to thebuilding on fire.

A.approachB.appealC.accessD. account

32. However _____ you are, if you want to succeed you must workhard.

A.intelligentB.embarrassedC.patientD. organized

33. You must ask _____ before taking any photographs inside themuseum.

A.reactionB.occupationC.permissionD. impression

34. —You are lucky that she is very thoughtful and devoted toyou.

—In fact, I don’t want to_____ her with my problems all the time.

A.hireB.strikeC.bearD. bother

35.Frank put the medicine in the top drawer to make sure itwould not be _____ to the kids.

A.relativeB.accessibleC.acceptableD. changeable



It was 1958. I was eighteen and was working as a nurse in arural town west of Sydney, Australia. I was looking forward tohaving five days 36 fromduty after working overtime for some time.37 , the only train that day back to myhometown, over 270 km away, had already

38 . I thought I’d thumb (翘起拇指请求搭乘) a lift.

I waited by the side of the 39for three hours but no one stopped for me.Finally, a man walked over and 40himself as Gordon. He said that41 he couldn’t give me alift, I could come to his house, which was across the road, forlunch. He’d been watching me and thought I must be42 after standing forhours. I hesitated but he assured me I was43 , and he also offered to help me find a44 home afterwards.

When we arrived at Gordon’s 45 , hemade us sandwiches. After lunch, he stopped a car, which took me tomy hometown.

Then I got married, but my husband didn’t believe in giving46 a ride. This made me feel47 when we’d pass people waiting on theroadside, as I could 48offer them the lift they hoped for.

Twenty-five years later, in 1983, I was driving alone to anearby town, when I 49an elderly man with a small boy, standing in theglaring heat, trying to 50 aride. I saw my chance to repay someone for the51 I’d been given decadesearlier. I pulled over and picked the 52up. I made them comfortable on the back seat and53 some water andsweets.

After a few minutes of small talk, the man said to me, “ Youhaven’t changed a bit, 54your red hair is still the same.” I couldn’t55 where I’d met him. Hethen told me he was Gordon.

36. A. off

B. away

C. out

D. up

37. A. Surprisingly

B. Hopefully

C. Unfortunately

D. Strangely

38. A. started

B. left

C. delayed

D. arrived

39. A. town

B. station

C. railway

D. highway

40. A. considered

B. described

C. introduced

D. named

41. A. when

B. once

C. although

D. unless

42. A. tired

B. thirsty

C. angry

D. hungry

43. A. careful

B. safe

C. young

D. suspicious

44. A. lift

B. way

C. train

D. bicycle

45. A. kitchen

B. shop

C. house

D. garage

46. A. villagers

B. strangers

C. relatives

D. neighbours

47. A. bad

B. nervous

C. excited

D. anxious

48. A. ever

B. still

C. never

D. sometimes

49. A. recognized

B. noticed

C. knew

D. observed

50. A. offer

B. enjoy

C. demand

D. get

51. A. support

B. debt

C. effort

D. favour

52. A. pair

B. boy

C. group

D. team

53. A. exchanged

B. shared

C. drank

D. brought

54. A. even

B. only

C. thus

D. just

55. A. remind

B. repeat

C. recommend

D. remember

第二部分 阅读理解(共两节25小题,每小题2分,满分50分)



Stillseeking a destination for your weekend break? There are some placeswhich are probably a mere walk away from your college.

King’ s Art Centre
A day atthe Centre could mean a visit to an exhibition of the work of oneof the most interesting contemporary artists on show anywhere. Thisweekend sees the opening of an exhibition of four localartists.
You couldattend a class teaching you how to ‘learn from the masters’ or getmore creative with paint—free of charge.
[转载]2014年大庆铁人中学高一学年上学期期末教学检测及答案 大庆精神铁人精神
The Centrealso runs two life drawing classes for which there is a smallfee.

The Botanic Garden
The Gardenhas over 8,000 plant species; it holds the research and teachingcollection of living plants for Cambridge University.
Themulti-branched Torch Aloe here is impressive. The Africanplant produces red flowers above blue-green leaves, and is not oneto miss.
Get to thedisplay house to see Dionaea muscipula, a plant morecommonly known as the Venus Flytrap that feeds on insects and othersmall animals.
The Gardenis also a place for wildlife-enthusiasts. Look for grass snakes inthe lake. A snake called ‘Hissing Sid’ is regularly seen lying inthe heat of the warm sun.

Byron’ s Pool
Many stories surround Lord Byron’s time as a student of CambridgeUniversity. Arriving in 1805, he wrote a letter complaining that itwas a place of “mess and drunkenness”. However, it seems as thoughByron did manage to pass the time pleasantly enough. I’m not justtalking about the pet bear he kept in his rooms. He spent a greatdeal of time walking in the village.
It is also said that onoccasion Byron swam naked by moonlight in the lake, which is nowknown as Byron’s Pool. A couple of miles past Grantchester in thesouth Cambridgeshire countryside, the pool is surrounded bybeautiful circular paths around the fields. The cries of invisiblebirds make the trip a lovely experience and on the way home you candrop into the village for afternoon tea. If you don’t trust me,then perhaps you’ll take it from Virginia Woolf – over a centuryafter Byron, she reportedly took a trip to swim in the samepool.
56. As is mentioned in the passage, there is a small charge for____.
A. attendingthe masters’ class
B. workingwith local artists
C. learninglife drawing
D. seeing anexhibition
57. “Torch Aloe” and “Venus Flytrap” are ____.
A. commoninsects
B.impressive plants
C.rarely-seen snakes
58. We can infer from the passage that Byron seemed ____.
A. to fearpet bears
B. to likewalking
C. to be aheavy drinker
D. to finishuniversity in 1805
59. What is the passage mainly about?
A. Someplaces for weekend break.
B. A way tobecome creative in art.
C. Thecolorful life in the countryside.
D. Unknownstories of Cambridge University.


Below is a selection from a popular science book.

If blood is red, why are veins (静脉)blue?

Actually, veins are not blue at all. They are more of a clear,yellowish color. Although blood looks red when it’ s outside thebody, when it’ s sitting in a vein near the surface of the skin,it’ s more of a dark reddish purple color. At the right depth,these blood-filled veins reflect less red light than thesurrounding skin, making them look blue by comparison.

Which works harder, your heart or your brain?

That depends on whether you are busy thinking or busyexercising. Your heart works up to three times harder duringexercise, and shifts enough blood over a lifetime to fill asupertanker. But, in the long run, your brain probably tips it,because even when you’ re sitting still your brain is using twiceas much energy as your heart, and it takes four to five times asmuch blood to feed it.

Why do teeth fall out, and why don't they grow back ingrown-ups?

Baby (or “milk”) teeth do not last long; they fall out to makeroom for bigger, stronger adult teeth later on. Adult teeth fallout when they become damaged, decayed and infected by bacteria.Once this second set of teeth has grown in, you’ re done. Whenthey’ re gone, they’ re gone. This is because nature figures you’re set for life, and what controls regrowth of your teeth switchesoff.

Do old people shrink as they age?

Yes and do. Many people do get shorter as they age. But, whenthey do, it isn’t because they’re shrinking all over. They simplylose height as their spine(脊柱) becomes shorter and more curved dueto disuse and the effects of gravity (重力). Many (but not all) menand women do lose height as they get older. Men lose an average of3-4 cm in height as they age, while women may lose 5 cm or more. Ifyou live to be 200 years old, would you keep shrinking till youwere, like 60 cm tall, like a little boy again? No, because oldpeople don't really shrink! It is not that they are growingbackwards---their legs, arms and backbones getting shorter. Whenthey do get shorter, it’s because the spine has shortened a little.Or, more often, become more bent and curved.

Why does spinning(旋转) make you dizzy(眩晕的)?

Because your brain gets confused between what you’re seeing andwhat you’ re feeling. The brain senses that you’ re spinning usingspecial gravity-and-motion-sensing organs in your inner ear, whichwork together with your eyes to keep your vision and balancestable. But when you suddenly stop spinning the system goes out ofcontrol, and your brain thinks you’ re moving while you’ renot!

Where do feelings and emotions come from?

Mostly from an ancient part of the brain called the limbicsystem. All mammals have this brain area — from mice to dogs, cats,and humans. So all mammals feel basic emotions like fear, pain andpleasure. But since human feelings also involve other, newer bitsof the brain, we feel more complex emotions than any other animalon the planet.

If exercise wears you out, how can it be good foryou?

Because our bodies adapt to everything we do to them. And as faras your body is concerned, it’ s “use it, or lose it” ! It’ s notthat exercise makes you healthy; it’ s more that a lack of exerciseleaves your body weak and easily affected by disease.

60. What is the color of blood in a vein near the surface of theskin?

A. Blue.B. Light yellow.

C. Red.D. Dark reddish purple.

61. Why do some old people look a little shrunken as theyage?

A. Because their spine is in active use.

B. Because they are more easily affected by gravity.

C. Because they keep growing backwards.

D. Because their spine becomes more bent.

62. Which of the following statements about our brain istrue?

A. In the long run, our brain probably works harder than ourheart.

B. When our brain senses the spinning, we will fell dizzy.

C. The brains of the other mammals are as complex as those ofhumans.

D. Our feelings and emotions come from the most developed areain our brain.

63. What is the main purpose of the selection?

A. To give advice on how to stay healthy.

B. To provide information about our body.

C. To challenge new findings in medical research.

D. To report the latest discoveries in medical science.


Someyears ago, writing in my diary used to be a usual activity. I wouldreturn from school and spend the expected half hour recording theday’ s events, feelings, and impressions in my little blue diary. Idid not really need to express my emotions by way of words, but Igained a certain satisfaction from seeing my experiences foreverrecorded on paper. After all, isn’t accumulating memories a way ofpreserving(保存) the past?

  When I was thirteen years old, I went on a long journey onfoot in a great valley, well-equipped with pens, a diary, and acamera. During the trip, I was busy recording every incident, nameand place I came across. I felt proud to be spending my timeproductively, dutifully preserving for future generations adetailed description of my travels. On my last night there, Iwandered out of my tent, diary in hand. The sky was clear and litby the glare of the moon, and the walls of the valley lookedthreatening behind their screen of shadows. I automatically tookout my pen….

  At that point, I understood that nothing I wrote could evermatch or replace the few seconds I allowed myself to experience thedramatic beauty of the valley. All I remembered of the previous fewdays were the dull characterizations I had set down in mydiary.

  Now, I only write in my diary when I need to write down aspecial thought or feeling. I still love to record ideas andquotations that strike me in books, or observations that areparticularly meaningful. I take pictures, but not very often—onlyof objects I find really beautiful. I’m no longer blindly satisfiedwith having something to remember when I grow old. I realize thatlife will simply pass me by if I stay behind the camera, busypreserving the present so as to live it in the future.

  I don’t want to wake up one day and have nothing but a pile ofpictures and notes. Maybe I won’t have as many exactrepresentations of people and places; maybe I’ll forget certainfacts, but at least the experiences will always remain inside me. Idon’t live to make memories—I just live, and the memories formthemselves.

64. Before the age of thirteen, the author regarded keeping adiary as a way of ______.

  A. observing her school routine

  B. expressing her satisfaction

  C. impressing her classmates

  D. preserving her history

65. What caused a change in the author’s understanding ofkeeping a diary?

  A. A dull night on the journey.

  B. The beauty of the great valley.

  C. A striking quotation from a book.

  D. Her concerns for future generations.

66. What does the author put in her diary now?

  A. Notes and beautiful pictures.

  B. Special thoughts and feelings.

  C. Detailed accounts of daily activities.

  D. Descriptions of unforgettable events.

67. The author comes to realize that to live a meaningful lifeis ______.

  A. to experience it

  B. to live the present in the future

  C. to make memories

  D. to give accurate representations of it


Ever since they were first put on the market in the early 1990s,genetically modified(GM,转基因)foods have been increasingly developedand marketed in many countries in the world, mainly on the basis oftheir promise to end the worldwide food crisis (危机). But can GMtechnology solve world hunger problems? Even if it would, is it thebest solution?

Despitewhat it promises, GM technology actually has not increased theproduction potential

(潜力)of any crop. In fact, studies show that the most widelygrown GM crop, GM soybeans, has suffered reduced productivity. Forinstance, a report that analyzed nearly two decades of research onmajor GM food crops shows that GM engineering has failed tosignificantly increase US crop production.

Somethingelse, however, has been on the rise. While GM seeds are expensive,GM companies tell farmers that they will make good profits bysaving money on pesticides(杀虫剂). On the contrary, US governmentdata show that GM crops in the US have produced an overall increasein pesticide use compared to traditional crops. “The promise wasthat you could use less chemicals and boost production. Butneither is true,” said Bill Christison, President of the USNational Family Farm Coalition.

At thesame time, the authors of the book World Hunger: TwelveMyths argue that there actually is more than enough food in theworld and that the hunger crisis is not caused by production, butby problems in food distribution and politics. These indeed deserveour efforts and money. Meanwhile, the rise in food prices resultsfrom the increased use of crops for fuel rather than food ,according to a 2008 World Bank report.

As amatter of fact, scientists see better ways to feed the world.Another World Bank report concluded that GM crops have little tooffer to the challenges of worldwide poverty and hunger, becausebetter ways out are available, among which “green” farming issupposed to be the first choice.

68. The author develops the second paragraphmainly__________.

A. byclassificationB. by comparison

C. byexampleD. by process

69. What does the underlined word “boost” in the third paragraphprobably mean?

A.controlB. evaluateC.obtainD. increase

70. GM companies promise farmers that they will benefitfrom__________.

A. practicing “green”farmingB. use of less chemicals

C. fair distribution oftheir cropsD. using more crops for fuel

71. Which of the following best describes the attitude of theauthor towards GM technology?

A.OptimisticB.Neutral(中立)C.DisapprovingD. indifferent(漠不关心)


Country singer Gary Allan has been making records since the mid1990’s. But his latest album Set You Free, is his first to hitnumber one on Billboard’s top two hundred albums chart (排行榜).

The song Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain) is the lead single (单曲)from Gary Allan’s new copies and is number one on Billboard’scountry music chart. It has risen faster than any other single inthe California native’s career. Gary Allan says Every Storm isabout hope, the common idea throughout the new album.

“You can expect a lot of songs about life.It’s going to roll you through a breakup and it’s going to roll youthrough the anger and the pain and make you as good as new. So whatI think you can expect is something a little bit differentmusically out of this.”

Gary Allan says his favorite song on Set You Free is One MoreTime. He says he wrote it after his father died.

The country singer is supporting the album with concerts aroundthe United States for most of the rest of the year. He says theshows are full of energy.

“ We play hard and they have a very strong impact (冲突) on theaudience. I think that’s why people love to come and see us. We’regiving it everything that we have every night.”

Set You Free is Allan’s ninth album. In an interview withBroadway’s Electric Barnyard, Allan spoke about co-writing withwomen for the new album. It was the first time in his career he haddone so, and he described it as an interesting experience.

72. What’s the topic of the passage?

A. Gary Allan’s new albumSet You Free.

B. The life of Americansinger Gary Allan.

C. The development ofAmerican country music.

D. A young musician’s hardstruggle for success.

73. Gary Allan likes One More Time most probably because_____.

A. it’s different musicallyfrom his other songs

B. it helped him findcourage after failure

C. it was written in honorof his father

D. it has sold more copiesthan any other single

74. What can we learn about Gary from the passage?

A. He lived an unhappy life in his childhood.

B. He was born in the state of California.

C. He began his music career in the late 1990s.

D. His concerts are mostly made up of light music.

75. The album Set You Free marked the first time _____.

A. Gary had made a record in his music career.

B. Gary had a word with Broadway’s Electric Barnyard.

C. Gary’s albums had appeared on Billboard’s music chart.

D. Gary had worked together with women in writing songs.


Are youtruly happy? Do you ever know what it means to be happy and what ittakes to achieve happiness? _______76_______ The following are afew tips that I follow to create happiness in my life.

● Make aplan for attaining goals that you believe will make you happy. Yourmoods will very likely increase if you are going after somethingyou value.

●Surround yourself with happy people. It is easy to begin to thinknegatively when you are surrounded by people who think thatway._________77__________

● Whensomething goes wrong, try to figure out a solution instead of beingabsorbed in self pity. Truly happy people don’t allow setbacks toaffect their mood because they know that with a little thought theycan turn the circumstances back to their favor.

●______78_______ These few minutes will give you the opportunity tofocus on the positive things in your life and will lead you tocontinuous happiness.

●_______79_______ Whether you treat yourself to lunch, take a long,relaxing bath or simply spend a few extra minutes on yourappearance, you will be subconsciously (下意识地)putting yourself in abetter mood.

● Findingthe humor in situations can also lead to happiness. Find a way tomake a situation that would otherwise make you happy.

●________80___Those who believe that they are not worthy ofhappiness may subconsciously (潜意识地) hinder (阻碍) their efforts toachieve happiness. If necessary, tell yourself each day that youdeserve (值得,应得) to be happy and remind yourself what steps you willtake to achieve the happiness you desire.

A. What makes one personhappy may be very different from what makes someone else happy.

B. On the contrary, if youare around people who are happy, their emotional state will beinfectious.

C. Finally, it is importantto understand that you deserve happiness.

D. These are importantquestions for anyone who is seeking happiness to askthemselves.

E. Spend a few minutes eachday thinking about the things that make you happy.

F. There are some tips inlife that lead to happiness.

G. It’s also important totake some time each day to do something nice for yourself.

第三部分 写作 (共两节,满分35分)

第一节短文改错(共10小题, 每小题1分,满分10分)

正文中共有10处语言错误,请在错误的地方增加、删除或修改某个单词。增加:在缺词处加一个漏词符号(∧),并在此符号下面写出该加的词。删除:把多余的词用斜线()划掉。修改:在错的词下划一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。注意:1.每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不记分。

Dear Li Ming,

I havejust returned from America. Now, I’m writing to tell you about myexperience here. I first arrived in New York by the plane. Walkedin the biggest city in the world, I really enjoy its modern life.Then I went to the capital of the USA—Washington D.C., which Ivisited the White House. I invited to two high schools, all ofwhich were equipped with the latest teaching equipment. And I feltthat the environment there was very wonderfully. During the trip,Americans were very friendly with me. I decided I would work hardto build our motherland but make it much stronger.


最近, 你校同学针对是否应该每天留家庭作业进行了讨论。请根据表格内容为你校的校刊写一篇英文报道,并表明你自己的看法。









身心疲惫, 学习兴趣降低



注意:1. 词数100左右(开头已给出,不计入总词数)。

2. 根据内容要点适当增加细节, 以使行文连贯。

Is Daily Homework Necessary?

Recently our school students have had a discussion about whetherit is necessary to have daily homework. Different students havedifferent opinions.



第一部分:英语知识运用(共两节, 满分65分)


1-5 DCCCA6-10CDADC 11-15ADACB16-20 BAABD

21-25 CDCAD 26-30CCABC 31-35 CACDB


36-40ACBDC41-45CDBAC46-50BACBD51-55 DABAD

第二部分 阅读理解(共两节25小题, 每小题2分,满分50分)


A篇:56-59 CBBA

B篇:60-63 DDAB

C篇:64-67 DBBA

D篇:68-71 CDBC

E篇:72-75 ACBD


76-80 DBEGC

第三部分 写作 (共两节,满分35分)

第一节短文改错(共10小题, 每小题1分,满分10分)

1.here—there2.删the(plane前)3. Walked- Walking

4. enjoy-enjoyed5. which-where6.加was(invited之前)

7. all-both8. wonderfully-wonderful9. with- to10.but- and


Is Daily Homework Necessary?

Recently our school students have had a discussion about whetherit is necessary to have daily homework. Different students havedifferent opinions.

Seventy percent of the students are willing to accept dailyhomework. They think homework helps them review and practice whathas been taught in class. Besides, by doing daily homework,students can better understand their lessons. Furthermore, theirskills in managing time can also be improved through homework.

However, thirty percent of the students have different opinions.They believe homework reduces their amount of leisure time withtheir families, not to mention the time for other activities. Witha lot of homework to do, students feel tired, and will graduallylose interest in their lessons.

In my opinion, daily homework is necessary, but it must be fitfor a student’s ability. What’s more, the amount of homework shouldbe limited, for a student’s all-around development is moreimportant than anything else in his or her life.


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湖北省孝感高中2014—2015学年度高一上学期期末考试 湖北省孝感市

湖北省孝感高中2014—2015学年度高一上学期期末考试命题人:彭攀峰 审题人:李 诚 考试时间:150分钟一、语文基础知识(共15分,共5小题,每小题3分)1. 下列各组词语中,字音没有错误的一项是A.岐韵(qí) 混沌(hún) 弭谤(mǐ) 绿林(lù)B.编纂(zǎn) 执拗(niù)

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